Stumped this Year for Christmas? Some Fun DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Is it just me or was it JUST Christmas???

I can't believe I am already being forced to be creative again for Christmas gifts this year!! It's hard enough for me to even get down the Christmas decorations with this big lump I've got hanging around in my stomach! But, it WILL get done! Slowly but surely...

Are you wanting to make homemade DIY gifts for Christmas this year?
Well, if you feel like you are short of DIY ideas for Christmas gifts this year, maybe we can help each other out a bit! I'll give you some ideas, and you can leave me some ideas.. descriptions, links... whatever you can think of! You know.. a little give and take...

If you have any Christmas gift/decorating ideas, be sure to email me or leave a comment! (You can email me by visiting www.shabbyaddict.com and clicking on "contact me")- I would leave my email in the post, but I don't want spammers to pick up on it! If you don't mind me sharing your ideas, let me know!

I love the whole wood letter trend going on right now as long as they are done right... and these were definitely done right! Aren't they beautiful??

Option #1: Spell out the last name of the gift recipient, or even just do the first letter of their last name.
Option #2: Turn it into a Christmas decoration to give by spelling "Christmas" or "Snow" etc.. you get the idea!
Option #3: Spell out your own name. Ha.. just kidding... don't do that!
1. You can find big letters at Michaels, Joann's, or any other craft store OR you can make your own wooden letters by following the tutorial here.
2. Prime with a white spray paint primer (make sure it can be used on wood- the can will let you know). I particularly like American Accents by Rustoleum (here).
3. Let primer dry and spray with color of your choice! Sand edges with 100 grit sand paper for the distressed look (if you want that look!).

You can also decoupage the letters with your favorite scrapbook paper!!
Or you can find these "love" letters here.


Lotion or Soap in a homemade mason jar!
1. You can purchase a large quantity of mason jars here. You can also purchase them individually at Walmart or Target!
2. Spray paint the lid a color of your choice.
3. Drill a hole at the top for a pump.
4. Stick in pump and voila!!

OR just purchase this here!


Themed Gifts.

What does the gift recipient like to do? Cook? Sew? Read? Write? Scrapbook? Paint?
1. Pick a theme for the recipient.
2. Purchase items that fit into your theme.
3. Tie together with cute ribbon.
4. Add berries or any other kind of accessory (you can purchase fun accessories by the wreaths at Michaels or Joanns).


More ideas to come tomorrow!
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Sandy said...

What great ideas! I also went to your website and sent you a few of my own ideas. Hope you can use them!

Also, I'm a follower and entered the giveaway! Thanks for doing that!

Lynda @ Elegance Reclaimed said...

GREAT idea! Thank you, I think I'll use this, this year.
Personalized themes, thrifty and pretty- FANTASTIC!

Thanks for sharing and have a GRAND day.

Leila said...

I love wooden letters! The ones posted are so beautiful. Thanks for the ideas! I'll be back tomorrow : ) I am also going to email you with a few of my own.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

These are such wonderful ideas, thank you! I never know what to get people but I love these ideas!

junkdreams said...

Great gift ideas!!!! Thank you for the inspiration.