Would Haves, Could Haves, and Should Haves

I have now officially moved to Southern California! The housing market is extremely competitive right now! Thank goodness the prices are low because it is at the point where, if you really want the home, you can't play around with your offers; if the house is listed as $500 and you are really interested, then you have to bid like $520... Kind of a bummer because it was way different during the beginning of this year where you could have low balled the offer, but unfortunately we weren't ready to purchase then. My husband always tells me how much he despises the "what ifs" or "could have/should have" statements because they are things that have passed and cannot change. So I try real hard to not make those statement, HOWever, I was looking back at some photos from Northern California and have a few regrets...

About a week before we moved out, we went to Summer's Cottage in Petaluma, CA and I fell in love with this cabinet and rocking chair. Because we hadn't picked out a home yet, I worried I wouldn't find a spot for them. What if the front porch wasn't one you could put a chair on? What if it just didn't go with the look of the home? Usually I go by the philosophy that if I love something, I will find a place for it- but in this case, I was hesitant and not sure why. So, I took some pics and told myself I would go home and think about it. Well, things got pretty busy with the move and all, and I never had the chance to drive back up to Petaluma. I look at these pictures today and, yes Dan, I REGRET not purchasing these when I had the chance!!

I did, however, purchase some little things including an aqua mercury candlestick, a vintage crystal lamp, and an awesome watering can. These were things I felt I could absolutely find a place for and couldn't pass up.
I think I put Dan to good use here haha... what a trooper. The brown plaid thing he is holding is not from Summer's Cottage- it's a doggy seat cover for our car... just in case you were wondering : )


hopetreestudio said...

Hi I just love that picture of your hubby. He is smiling my hubby wouldn't be smiling holding all that stuff. So sorry I didn't get to meet you at the barn. Denise

Anonymous said...

Oh I have done that too, passed something up for some reason or another. Look at it this way, you will find something you like even more. Your hubby is so adorable!!


Susie Harris said...

You are too sweet. I wish you all the luck on getting the new house. Maybe you can still get some of your goodies you left behind... I try not to look back but its hard not to..smile... Thanks again Susie H

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Glad your move is basically over and glad you're back to blogging.I can certainly understand how you feel about missing those perfect finds, but new things will always show up!In the antique business, I have to make lots of snap decisions about what to and what not to buy and yes, sometimes, I feel remorse about what I missed, but I usually find a good buy down the road that makes me feel better. So hang in there, you'll find some great things in CA.I blog with many people in CA and they find fantastic things! Look at Cindy from My Romantic Home!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, I know just the feeling!! I have done that so many times and could just kick myself every time, lol! I LOVE that chippy chair :)

But you got some wonderful things too! I am such a sucker for watering cans like that!

I hope you show us your new home :)


Mod Girl said...

I still be-moan the $50 Danish modern arm chair that we did not buy eight years ago. If we'd had the extra money at the time I "would have", I "should have" bought it anyway, if so I "could have" had a really cool chair. Oh well.

Nice little place you have here!

Diana Lyn said...

Thanks Sweety for the visit! How long has your husband been in? XO Diana Lyn

Anonymous said...

OMG! Love that shop I want everything!! I would of course buy the furnishings first ..backwards!!
PS I have a custom commission and am looking for a mermaid not naked?!! Thats what she wants! In shades of sage or aqua collage sheet??!

Crossroads Cottage said...

I totally agree with your post. I do hate when you pass up on something and then go back and it's no longer there. (I almost did that with the dress form on Saturday! I didn't buy it then thought about it the entire time we walked - I pondered then worried that it would not be there when we returned - thank goodness it was because I would have been kicking myself now!) Good luck with the house hunting. :-)

rosechicfriends said...

Isn't is so true! I do have a few regrets...you know those times you think I just can't afford that and then it stays on your mind and you KNOW you just should have bit the bullet! But for those of us who are true shoppers...there are always more treasures out there just a waiting!

What an adorable hubby you have and congrat on his schooling success and your new home. Can't wait to see how it all gets decorated!
Have a blessed day...Lorena

Rue said...

I've done that too! So many time, but maybe someone's telling me I have way too much furniture LOL

Yes, Rich left home a lot before I married him (war 5x), but only for about a week at a time since we have been together. He'll be gone for about 4 weeks in August, so I understand. If you need to ask any other questions I can ask Rich, if I don't know the answers. He's regular Army and not an officer, but he's got a lot of "friends" ;)

Take care,

Victoria Lynn said...

Congratulations on your husband's graduation and your move! I just moved too and am getting settled in Tennessee. I wish you both the best in your new home! You guys make the cutest couple! Oh yeah, don't worry there'll always be more stuff! Have a wonderful weekend, Victoria Lynn

Debbie Kay said...

I am so glad you are finally home in Temecula. I didn't make "the barn" this month (see my blog, lots of heartache) but perhaps in August at the Blog-Her party we can meet. I would love it!!!

Looks like you found some awesome stuff!!

Debbie Kay

sita said...

Oh what goodies you found! I am sure some others are right around the corner for you. I love how hubby is helping! Mine would be mumbling under his breath and dare not pose for a pic! Can't wait to see your new home pics!

Kasey said...

hate passing things up!!
you'll find more though!

Debbie Kay said...

Hi there:

Couldn't find your email address but wanted to find out if you were going to make the Blog-Her Party at the barn in August?

Debbie Kay

Tracie said...

I have done this so many times and I endlessly go on about it to my husband about pieces I passed up on four years ago when one of our local stores was closing. Guess I better let it go.
I love Summer Cottage Antiques and have bought a truck load of things from Michelle.
I absolutely love your style, I'm adding you to my sidebar for regular visits. Nice doggie car seat cover ;)
My Petite Maison

A Thing for Roses said...

Loved this post. That settee is gorgeous and your husband carrying your goodies, too cute. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...