Calendars, Memos, Message Boards, and Pianos!

After months of searching, I finally found and purchased my dream white baby grand piano! I am so excited! It plays beautifully and fits right in with my living room decor ; ) It was a long and tedious search (it's hard to find a new white piano; they are pretty rare) but it well was worth all the driving, patience, and time that it required!
The pictures aren't the best quality because the sun was gleaming through the window which ruined my camera lighting!

I also found these darling calendar/memo board ideas I wanted to share:

Isn't this kind of cool? It's a life size calendar constructed with ribbon!
I fell in love with these sea foam shutters framing the memo board!

Simple, fresh, colorful.

Perfect symmetry. Life sized. Love it!


Sherry said...

Gorgeous piano Tracy!!! Wow!!! And wonderful ideas on message boards too!!

Priscila said...

my favorite message board is the I window shutter one! Too cute! Also a great idea!

I love the piano...I want one also eventhough I can only play like twinkle twinkle little star! hahaha


I love the piano!! So beautiful, do you play it or is it just for looks? I'm thinking you must play or will diffently be learning to. I like the message board with the green shutters so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your piano is fantastic. I love the white baby grands...they are beautiful. I am excited for you.


emily said...

Congrats on finding a beautiful piano! I love the shutter memo board also! They all are great ideas.

Maggie May said...

Gorgeous piano!

vintagewindow said...

Beautiful piano. Love the message boards. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading the rest of your blog. Kris

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

COULD that piano be cooler????? LOVE!

M ^..^

Priscila said...

we should take sewing lessons! Just brings some bandaids though! haha
Also help me learn more then twinkle twinkle little star! :") so sad but true!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Sorry...I made you miss San Fran. but you are close to San Diego now right?
That is a beautiful city too.
If you are in Temecula....there are some really good sales too...isn't the barn sale there?

Love your Piano~you moved 2 mos. ago but I think you said you are moving into a new house soon too, is that right?
I am a bit confused LOL

I can just picture your house. All that lovely furniture and now a beautiful, white piano.

Have a great weekend:)

Crossroads Cottage said...

Just beautiful - I bet it will match your decor perfectly. I bet you are super excited! :) Definetly won't tell Roger about this as he would be super jealous - he's always wanted a grand of his very own!

Joy said...

I think I would spend more time drooling on that piano than playing it! I've been wanting an old white upright for awhile now. They're hard to find too. Patience is a must! Congrats on the beautiful piano. :o)

My Petite Maison said...

I love your new baby grand. Congratulations!!!

So who's your favorite? I love Haydn, Mozart and of course, Gershwin.

The message board with the shutters is darling.

Happy weekend, I can hear your piano keys moving along ;)

TattingChic said...

Congratulations on finding that beautiful white baby grand! Thanks for sharing all the lovely memo board ideas. My fave is the lovely fabric inside the cream frame! Beautiful!

Caitlin Teal said...

I am so glad you found a beautiful piano after that search! And hopefully someone nice sold it to you. I also want to copy one of those "lifesize" ideas for the giant, bare, white wall in my room. So fly up here and come help me!

Erin said...

what a wonderful piano! Can't wait to see how you decorate your new home! Erin

Maggie May said...

Hi- it's so funny, I just added you to my blogroll a week ago, and it turns out my husband, Johnny (or Ed, long story) moved you today. With two other men, but he was talking about the job and how the girl he moved is my soulmate, loving Shabby CHic so much, and i said

'wait was this in Temecula'


'is she really pretty?'


'with brown hair? and stuff in storage for a new house'


'that girl is on my blogroll!'

how funny! small world :))

BallerinaGurl said...

STUNNING Piano!! I am thrilled for you! I just LOVE those wall calendars you posted! Fantastic Inspiration!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow, that piano is a beauty! How long have you been playing? Those wood floors in your home are beautiful also! Oh how I want them in my house!

The message board ideas are really cute!


Becky said...

I wonder what it would look like if I painted my granny's piano.
That white one is so pretty.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I love the message board idea, thanks for sharing.
I also have a darling grand white piano, but unfortunately, she is hibernating in my storage back home :(