Valentine Decorating Ideas

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that is more fun to prepare for than to actually celebrate... don't get me wrong- it's great to be romantic and exchange sweet gifts with our loved ones, but shouldn't we be romantic and sweet to our loved ones everyday? I just love Valentine's Day as it is another excuse to decorate and get creative!!

This garland is so simple and easy to make!

Simply use scraps of fabric- layer and attach with iron-on adhesive. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and tie them together with red ribbon! Voila!
(Credit to BHG)

Have a doily laying around? Use it to create a personalized Valentine card!
Simply use the doily as a stencil!

(credit to the one and only Martha Stewart)

More to come!


Beth Gales said...

I love the red on the white background!

very merry vintage style said...

Very cute! Stop by and link up if you have time.