Organizing My Life!

Will I ever catch up? I feel like I am still 9 months behind on organizing... paperwork... closets...bedrooms... my office... ARRGHHH it never ends! I feel like I just can't catch up to where I want to be! Am I the only one that feels this way or is this just typical life?

HOWEVER... My office is about 75% cleaner than it was (pics to come soon!) and I wanted to share 2 of my newest organizational tools...

1) This gorgeous damask filer.

I use a filing cabinet for all of my bulk filing, but I use this handy little filer for my receipt filing (since it looks like a purse and all)... All the receipts that I deem important get filed away in this beaut. I have the files labeled as "dept. stores/clothing", "hardware stores", "Home Modification/Contractors", "Craft and Hobby", "Sporting Goods", etc etc... you get the idea. It's been so easy to find receipts that I need for returns or whatever the reason may be...
Oh and best of all? Got it at Marshalls!

2) I LOVE my Card Cubby!

I am a semi-avid QVC watcher and happened to stumble across this little creation and couldn't pass this up...
I had SO many cards; membership cards, gift cards, stamp cards (I like my buy 10 get 1 free yogurt cards, okay?!), etc etc that were taking up so much room in my wallet! And I know you all know how STRESSful it can be when you are walking towards the Costco entrance and have to strum through all your cards in your wallet to find your membership card! Well, stress no more!! All you have to do is simply take your little index finger and strum to the "C" file to uncover your wonderful Costco membership card!
How many times have you been at a store that you know you deserve that free yogurt/bagel/sub sandwich or whatever but you can never find your blasted stamp card. Well, this stressor is now stressLESS with the card cubby! Simply turn to "S" and pull out your Subway stamp card!
Isn't it great?
Want one?
Get it here!

Next on the list to organize? My MAGAZINES!! Anyone else a magazine hoarder? Oh man... do I hoard. Well, hoard no more.

Send magazines to an archival service, like Denver Bookbinding (denverbook.com), which will bind the stash into one or more hardcovers for $50 and up. If you want to keep articles only (which is my thing) try Scanalog ($50, scanalog.com), a software program that catalogs and stores clippings. I'm excited to try these out!!

Happy organizing to me!!


tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

LOve the damask filer, Its just what i need. We dont have a marshalls store but it sounds fantastic, I read on post alot that people purchase great finds there. PS. your new little one is just adorable.

Victoria said...

I love the damask file bag! I used to hoard when I was married and lived in a house but now, in a tiny apartment I simply don't have the room!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful filer...I had to laugh...I confess, I hoard magazines. I love them and get giddy when buying new ones...always thinking...one day I will go through all of these, save what I want and throw out the rest. Organizing is good for the soul and frustrating during the process, but wonderful when you have finished a project or two. Hahaha...it really is never over though, is it?
Have a blessed day!