Loving Yellow and Gray

I've always been a yellow and gray fan, but more so recently as it has inspired me to remodel my whole bedroom... And what a big project it is.

My inspiration for this genius pair of color? Well, to name a few...

(photo courtesy rightbank.wordpress.com)

(photo courtesy gray-yellow-alkemieblogspot.com)

(photo courtesy range of grays)

(photo courtesy somersetbayhome.com)

(designer David Jiminez)

(Crate and Barrel)

I've already purchased my bedding and am now in the process of picking out paint for the walls and dresser makeovers... pics to come!


Biljana said...

I love yellow and gray too, such beautiful pictures:))
Hugs, Biljana

Susan Accessories said...

i love that colors together! thanks to sharing

Laila said...

I LOVE LOVE that yellow headboard. Great pictures.

Amanda said...

loooove that headboard. looooove the color combination.

i actually JUST posted about some adorable yellow and gray fabric i found! you may love it too... :)

can't wait to see what you come up with.

Little Lovables said...

yellow and gray is my absolute most favorite color combo of all time! I have a post about it too, my fav is the first pic you posted!



The pictures are so pretty but I have to say I just watched the video of your husband coming home and cried so hard, I wanted to say thank you for what your family has done for our country and I am sooooo glad he is home, what an awesome video!!

Allie said...

I discovered your blog through the magical world of Google/Pinterest, and I just wanted to say how much I adore your style. Everything you post is to die for. Love it!