Transformation Tuesday! Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Had this mirror for a while now... been sitting in the garage because I kind of forgot about it.

BEFORE: (well, kind of before... I forgot to take a picture until I had already started.)

And (drumroll...)  

Unfortunately, I already have a mirror in this particular spot that I am very fond of... soooo.. this one's up for grabs. Takers? Contact me by email by click the "share" link above.  I will post "SOLD" when it's gone!
(Note: SOLD! Sorry!)
Technique used for painting the mirror: Dry brush. Dab the paint brush into the paint very lightly and smudge excess paint off on something you don't mind getting paint on. The brush should feel pretty dry before you start painting.

Paint Color: Valspar's Aquatic Edge (which we actually decided to use in our master bathroom...haven't done it yet, but excited to see the results!)


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Well....you have made something quite nice out of it....hope it sells for you.
I must have 15 mirrors around the house....all bring in the light that I so appreicate here in the South....living up North for so many years...most of the winter was spent in gloom...it seems.


Lee Laurie said...

What a beautiful mirror makeover! I bet it sold fast!

Kristen said...

I love transforming things, this is such a great idea!

Kristen said...

I love transforming things, this is such a great idea!

Shannon said...

Wow, that's beautiful! I am starting to try to decorate a new house, I am definitely on the hunt for a mirror like that now!! Thanks for the how to ;)

Th King's Queen said...

omg i love projects like this. i was wondering why mckenzie kept telling me so much that i would love your house, i've seen in all the pictures how much victorian stuff you have and i adore it! beautiful taste!

Anonymous said...

Will you please tell me where you got that beautiful chandelier in your baby's nursery?