Neverending Story

My Neverending Story is laundry. 
Piles and piles. 
There are currently clean piles on the bedroom floor. 
Dirty piles overflowing from 3 different hampers. Not to mention the towel hamper (which would make hamper #4). 
A pile in the dryer. 
A pile in the wash. 
A pile in Penny's room. 
It really is neverending. 

Maybe if my laundry room looked like any of these I wouldn't care. In fact, I would tell the neighbors to bring their laundry over too. Maybe I'd even start a laundry business. Okay, a stretch. But my point?
I firmly believe that an organized, functional, and CUTE laundry room are essential to transforming  laundry from a mundane neverending story into an enjoyable and lighthearted activity... no?

 Images from here, here, and here


Atelier de Charo said...

More fun, less laundry! I will love to have any of those rooms to have a happy laundry!


EleCat said...

I like my laundry and I'm STILL always behind but at least I have a cupboard to hide the fact! lol! What I would love is a dedicated 'drying' room to hide all the washing hanging over clothes horses. Getting VERY tempted to use our dryer! Adore the yellow laundry! :)

Josie said...

This might sound bad but...I LOVE doing laundry, handwashing and ironing. And I don't even have a nice laundry room :( But what I really hate is cooking. Maybe if I had a nice kitchen?? Glad to have you posting again, Shabby Addict! I love your blog, so inspirational!

Caitlin and Josh said...

Wouldn't that be nice? I sound a lot like you in the laundry department.

The Locklins said...

So true, these laundry rooms would make the task a pleasure. I've been dreaming about one for a while.

Good luck with the laundry. Ours is in similar piles, rather mountains. We have coin laundry...in a really ugly room, so much less fun than these escapes.

Meliss said...

Don't let these photos make you feel inadequacy! Laundry plain ole' SUCKS ANYWHERE and in ANY fancy pantsie place ANNNND don't forget...These wenches just gussied up there rooms for pictures! ;(- teehehehe