one step at a time

As stated in my last post, a family room makeover is currently in progress at a slow rate of
ONE step at a time.
What have I done so far?
Well, I got a lamp. Yep. That's it. But it has made a HUGE difference in the room!
Sometimes it only takes a change or two in a room to make a drastic difference.

My mom also gave me this cute little notebook.
I love the pattern and colors (since they match the fam room) so I put it out on display under the lamp next to my starfish set...

Slowly but surely, I will have the large wall in the room done next...
I just have this little habit called procrastination when it comes to the "planning" part. 
I am SO indecisive because I have sooo many ideas, and instead of going with one, I procrastinate. 
Sound familiar or is it just me? 

I'm thinking I should put this poster I made on the wall. 
Maybe it will help speed things up.