Good Ol' Old Town

Isn't this little lamp adorable? I thought it would go perfectly on top of the buffet I just painted! My husband poked at the fact that I called it "milk glass". Of course, us Shabby Women all know the correct term for this type of glass, but apparently to a dentist it is gibberish. So I just told him that I think flossing is gibberish. I think that got him. The frame next to it was another project I just finished. It's listed for sale on shabbyaddict.com!

Another project I just finished this week. Also for sale on my website! I debated keeping it, but I just have too many jewelry boxes already!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Beautiful...and telling your hubby dentist that flossing is gibberish?!? I'm sure he was stunned in shock!!! lol!!

Debbie Kay My Vintage Daydreams said...

Hi, I just found your lovely blog and I too have shopped in Old Town Temecula (just this past weekend). Great stores with beautiful antiques.

I will be stopping by again.

Debbie Kay