Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!

If there is anyone in this world who is horribly afraid of making decisions, I definitely earn the award. I sit on all of my projects forever because I am so afraid to commit to one final decision! There are so many colors, designs, textures, fabrics... how can you just settle on ONE?

Currently, the decision I am in the process of stressing over is my buffet table in the entryway. This was an antique find a couple of years ago that I painted white. I love white- so clean, crisp, pure... but I am feeling a need for more color these days. Maybe it's the baby bringing out the life in me.. I don't know. But whatever it is, I have been craving more color!

Current color choice I have been sitting on for the past week?

Robin's egg blue (or sea foam, or turquoise, or any greenish blue)! Can't go wrong, especially in time for spring. These shades of blues and greens have always been my favorite and can be found all over my family room... but hey, I can spread the cheer to other areas too.. it's MY house!

Here are some of my Robin's Egg/seafoam Blue Inspiration:

Robin's Egg Blue is one of those colors, that as an accent goes with any color scheme.

(images: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6) here 2) better homes)



I love robins egg blue its
one of my fav's!! I painted my hutch r.e and love it I can't wait to see it painted (;

Victoria said...

It is a very pretty color! I've only been brave enough to paint things white so far but if I ventured away from white it would probably be to this color.

Teri said...

Envy, envy, envy! Those rooms are so beautiful in Robin's Egg Blue.