P is for Penny

BEFORE (I forgot to take a pic before I decoupaged the paper to the letter!)

I made this a few weeks ago but just got around to blogging it...
I think it's a rule that you always have to put your baby's name somewhere up on the nursery wall, right? Well, I was a little rebellious and only did the first letter of her name.

Easy project but here are instructions just in case:

  • Modge Podge (decoupage)
  • Paint brush OR sponge brush
  • Letter or letters to create
  • Paint for letter
  • Sandpaper (fine to medium grit)
  • Cute paper
  • Scizzors

1) Purchase the letter/s (I bought mine at JoAnn's)- you can buy wood (mine is wood), paper mache, chipwood, etc... lots of options.. they all end up looking pretty much the same although some are lighter to hang than others.

2) Paint your letter with craft paint (I just used the cheapy acrylic craft paint in candy pink)... you can also spray paint but you might need to prime first depending on the type of material you purchase.

3) Pick out your paper or wallpaper to apply to letter. I used 12x12 scrapbook paper.

4) Put letter over paper and cut a square a little larger than the letter.

5) Apply decoupage with paint brush or sponge brush to the letter. Place scrapbook paper over the letter. Let sit for 20 minutes.

6) Apply thin coat of decoupage over top of scrapbook paper and let dry completely.

7). Sand all the edges off.




lumikha said...

this is too darling. i heart! i have one that spells out "HOME" and every letter is covered in obnoxious gold glitter...


Very cute (;

Tamara said...

I love it, just perfect for little Penny!