Penny's Vintage Inspired Aqua Nursery

Finally a complete tour of the nursery! Well, it's still not 100% complete (missing curtains, lampshades, etc), but it's 90% done!

I wanted a chandelier, but wanted a fan too for the summer, so I researched a bit and found a chandelier attachment! The chandelier light is attached to the white ceiling fan... it's the only chandelier attachment I've ever been able to find!

The 1-2-3 was decoupaged just like the "P" in the last post!

This bookshelf will become a before and after post shortly... it was hideous before!

I got this darling picnic table from a friend's garage sale! I love it!

You can find these prints (and other cute prints like it) here and in all different sizes!

This pink shelf was hideous before the makeover. It was a $4 garage sale find in Santa Barbara and when you see potential, you can't pass it up! Add a nice little coat of pink paint and voila!

Hubby did ALL the bead boarding (installing and painting with spray gun) and also painted all the walls! A BIG thanks to him for all his hard work!

And ALL for THiS little thing!

Looks like she's happy with the nursery!

Paint Color in nursery: Sweet Pea by Olympic (at Lowes). Very aqua and minty but not too bright.


Free Pretty Things For You said...

Its like a DREAM!! OMG I LOVEEE IT!!! what brand of paint did you use and the name if i may ask??
I would like to feature you and your etsy shop.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you!


The room is beautiful but she is absolutely adorable, I want one just like her, lol, I had all boys and my baby is 14!!

Unknown said...

Oh your Penny's room is soooooo darling! And that is the exact color I painted my darling daughters nursery in our first home (18 years ago :-) )...so of course I am gonna say I love it! WIsh I had thought of the bead board cause I sure love that look too!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a doll she is! She does look very happy, doesn't she? I would be that happy, also, if my room was that gorgeous!!!

fawn said...

She is sooo cute. What a lovely space you've created for her.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! What color did you use on the walls? I have been looking for a color like that! Your husband did a great job on the beadboarding!

Leslie said...

I love the nursery! I have one question...where did you get that clown figurine on your shelf...I LOVE IT!

Tamara said...

There is only one word to describe that nursery and the word is PERFECT!


Rosie said...

Absolutely beautiful! Where did you find the fan/chandy attachment? I'd really like one!

Shana said...

What a gorgeous nursery for an even more gorgeous baby!

Aubrey Leong said...

Stunning Tracy!! You are so dang talented!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

How much LOVE can any one child handle....?

What a beautfiul room for her...such love and care put into the project that is apparent.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

HOW in the world did I forget to mention the beaded board...it is PICTURE PERFECT !!!

I SO want that in our guest bathroom..it's a large bathroom for a guest...but it needs more of this added touch.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm doing my daughter's shabby chic toddler room and I'm putting up vintage framed pictures too!!, I'm also buying a children's white picnic table at walmart that looks just like that one!! what a coincidence. Thank you for posting the nursery, I've been waiting for it.

LynnF said...

Your nursery is a dream!!! Kudos to you and hubby...but your little one is so absolutely gorgeous, she could be a model right now! Fantastic! LynnF

Teri said...

I haven't had time lately to read any of my lovely blogs, tonight I thought I would just relax and look at a few. By far, this is the most adorable posting I have seen in a long time! She is such a little angel!!!! And what a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful room that is filled with so much love!!! So sweet!

Tandy said...

I LOVE it! Okay... maybe I've changed my mind about you being allowed in my house! I'm not sure if you'd ever come back! ;)

My Whimsical Victorian Chic Cottage said...

I just found your beautiful blog! The nursery is so precious, great work! Thanks for sharing!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Oh! That is the most beautiful nursery. I love everything, especially the framed dress.
Penny is a very lucky baby!

Recycled Rita said...

OmGosh! She is such a cutie! Her room turned out beautiful!

shabby*vintage*dreams said...

OMG!!! what a little CUTIE Pie!! the room totally matches her, they will grow togther!! WOW what a talented decorator!! LOVE IT!!!

Elyse said...

you & your hubby & your little family & pretty home are just the cutest, sweetest, most heartwarming little things ever.

penny's room is wonderful. i LOVE the picnic table and framed dress with the shelf beneath. perfect!

i hope you are all doing well!


Kera said...

Tracy it is ADORABLE!!! and so is your little Penny :)

Biljana said...

I m your newest follower.
Your blog (works) is absolutely wonderful:)))
Greetings from Europe (Croatia),

Karis said...

Gorgeous room!!
Can you share where you got the chandelier attachment or at least the brand? so I can look it up...
I soo want a chandelier in my baby girl's nursery, but also need to be practical so I want a celing fan too(I live in the VERY tropical Domincan Republic)

Great job! Congratulations!

maría cecilia said...

You have created a beautiful place for your sooo lovely daughter!!!
maria cecilia

Amanda said...

i JUST came across your blog and man am i haveing a hard time deciding what's more lovely... you? your baby girl? or her nursery? :)

as if i wasn't already wanting to add another little love to my life... that nursery you've done puts me over the top!

so happy to have found your blog... and feeling lucky to be a new follower!

Casse.King said...

under the picnic table picture,
that ..armoir (spelling?)
i love it
i love vintage furniture, where did you find it??

Janine said...

Where did you find the fan/chandelier attachment?

melissadonithan@yahoo.com said...

Hi, I know you did your nursery a while ago , but I absolutely LOVE LOVE your chandelier ceiling fan and your pink bedding for the crib...do you remember where you got either of these two items??? Thanks so much!!!
If you remember please email me at melissadonithan@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Hi! I want to know where did you get the chandelier ceiling fan. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I am looking for the same chandelier/fan for my daughters room as well. Can you let me know where you found it?