Tour de Dream House: Kitchen

Got your walking shoes back on?
Ready to go back through Cristi (of Hiya Papaya) and Jeff's beautiful home?
You might want to have a small towel ready to wipe the drool off your chin after taking the kitchen tour.
Hold on to your hats, here we go...

I mean, come on... seriously? Is that not the most beautiful kitchen ever?
I think my favorite thing about it is the recycled glass counter top. How refreshing to see something other than granite!? (click here for counter top source)
Another favorite of mine has to be the flooring. Reclaimed barn wood. Love it.
Want more sources? I knew you would ; )
1) 3 pendants fixture hanging over kitchen table: Lamps Plus
2) Fabric on window treatments: DwellStudio via The Shade Store
3) Windows in the nook: Pyramid Jade
4) Wallpaper on nook ceiling: Thibaut Parkland in Beige (Natural Resource)
5) Light fixture above the sink: Lamps Plus
6) Light fixtures over the island: Bellacor
7) Chairs at kitchen table: 4-chairs.com
8) Tiling: Greg's Tile Creations and Contempo Tile
9) Mirror: West Elm
Oh, don't you worry... there's still more to come. We haven't even hit the halfway point!
Thank you so much to Cristi for letting us walk and drool all over her beautiful flooring! We'll be sure to wipe it down when we're done ; )


Cristi said...

Loving that you're doing this tour for us! Just FYI, it's not mine and Jessi's Safsten's home. It's mine and my husband Jeff's home. Jessi Safsten is my photography business partner at hiya papaya. Just wanted to clarify! :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Cristi! That's kind of an important "minor" detail!!

Caitlin and Josh said...

I couldn't stop saying wow! That is amazing. A dream.

Tandy said...

Um... Seriously? I WANT this, too! It's totally gorgeous! Sigh... maybe someday! But I'll have to have you come and help me with the decor, so I don't totally flub it!

Allen Family said...

Hi! Found your blog through a friend. This house is amazing. I was wondering if you knew (or could find out) what the fabric name is on the windows above the kitchen sink? I'm having trouble finding a match on The Shade Stores site. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

Oh wow - drool for sure - gorgeous!

DECO☆deniquo said...

i am dumbfounded at the sight of this kitchen.. seriously i am close to tears, this is pure perfection!

Flisan said...

Thanks a lot for the tour!
I really needed some inspiration today, and this is where I found it!
Loves the pictures!
Love your blog as well, looking forward to follow you :-)
Cheers and regards, Flisan

Elizabeth @Online PhD in Engineering said...

I hate this blog site coz’ it actually made me drool. Just kidding! But honestly, I was totally speechless while viewing the photos. It really inspired me a lot to pursue our dream house! Whew! It would a couple years still but I’m willing to take the risk and cost. Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring home! Cheers!

Elizabeth from Online PhD UK

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